Services Guide for Kingdom's Cities and villages



Based on the Royal Order No. 3 dated 30/11/1401 A.H, (28/09/1981 A.D) mandating the Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI) to issue a directory of services in cities and villages of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a common and unified official reference for all government agencies, providing the basic data needed by planners; development policy makers and decision-makers.

The CDSI has persisted in the preparation, issuance and development of this directory to cope with the actual developments, updates, requirements and needs of the basic data.

The Directory takes the administrative division of the Kingdom in accordance with the "Regions' System" issued by the Royal Order No. A / 92 dated 27/08/1412 A.H (1992 A.D) corresponding to 01/03/1992 A.D (administrative regions, provinces, centers) as a general framework for the distribution and classification of data related to the services available in cities and villages of the Kingdom.

Directory's Importance:

The issuance of bulletin on the statistics of services in the cities and villages of the Kingdom aims to make available a directory containing formally documented and united data and information with high degree of accuracy on all services available, so that these data become a common reference for all ministries, agencies, government establishments and others upon which they rely in planning and distribution of services in the cities and villages of the Kingdom.

 Directory Objectives:  

1. To define the education, health, agricultural, social, administrative and public services available in each population settlement.

2. To provide data from their main sources.

3. To update continually the data, information and population settlements.

 Directory Periodical Issuance:

The first directory of services in cities and villages of the Kingdom was issued in 1402 A.H, (1982 A.D) and it presently issued every three years.

 Directory Data Distribution and classification:

The Directory is issued in 13 bulletins each related to each of the Kingdom's 13th administrative regions. Process of the distribution and classification of data and information in each bulletin is based on the administrative division of the Kingdom issued by Ministry of Interior, and which was recently amended by the Royal Order No. A / 92 dated 27/08/1412 A.H, (01/03/1992 A.D).

Each directory contains all data of each population settlement (city-village) by the subordination of the settlement to the center or governorate.

This data includes the name of the population settlement, geographic data and information as well as  data on the education, health, administrative, social, and agricultural and public services.

 Directory Content:

The directory contains the following data and information:

1. Number of population in the population settlement.

2.  Number of establishments by economic activity and type of sector at the administrative region level.

3. Most important economic indicators of establishments by economic activity at the administrative region level.

4. Service facilities at the administrative region level, including: the airports, dams, main paved roads, hotels, chambers of commerce and industry, sports cities, stadiums, youth hostels, sports and literary clubs.

5. Geographic data and information, including: name of population settlement, distance in km away from the administrative unit, to which the population settlement subordinates (center or governorate), direction and type of road linking the population settlement with its administrative unit, in addition to data on the nearest population settlement with available health or educational services, for those population settlements with no either of these two services.

6. Education services, including: services of public education; government & private Koran memorizing schools (boys and girls); university education; technical, industrial, agricultural & health colleges and institutes; scientific institutes; female teachers training institutes;  special education institutes & schools; adult education schools and literacy.

7. Health services, including: government and private hospitals, primary health care centers, private clinics and the services of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA).

8.  Social, administrative and agricultural services, including: departments of Civil Affairs, Endowments, Labor offices, centers of the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, notary and courts, municipalities and rural areas, social security offices, development centers, Civil Defense, Passport Department, administrative centers, traffic police centers, agricultural banks and the directorates and branches of the Ministry of Agriculture.

9. Public and private services, including: services of electricity, water, communications, post, banking services, travel agencies, tourism and public libraries.

 Bodies and Agencies Related to Directory's Data & Information:

The directory's data and information reflect the services of the concerned government bodies and agencies which include: Ministries of Interior; Higher Education; Health; Communications and Information Technology; Justice; Finance; Agriculture; Commerce and Industry; Water and Electricity; Culture and Information; Labor; Social Affairs; Islamic affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah and Guidance and Transportation, in addition to the Presidency of Commissions of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice; General Presidency for Youth Welfare; Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Saudi Postal Corporation.